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Joining Forces to Protect Against COVID-19, Oral Science International Engages The Harel Group to Search for Strategic Partners Globally

Oral Science International (OSI), a Canadian oral health company, is proud to announce the collaboration with The Harel Group to search for partners to commercialize its products designed to control respiratory viral infections in markets worldwide.

OSI’s product family includes Cold & Flu Guard™ and Flavobac Health Guard™, available in nasal and oral spray technologies designed to target the source of respiratory viral infections, encapsulate and neutralize viruses prior to infection. 2021 studies demonstrated that the products kill more than 99.94% of enveloped viruses including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) in 5 minutes. Christian Sauvageau, President of OSI, stated that we are proud to be a part of today’s solution; because feeling sick isn’t an option anymore.

The efficacy of OSI product family is empowered by the synergy between its two main ingredients: hyaluronic acid and Flavobac™, a patented, plant-based citrus extract packed with specific complex of bioflavonoids. Hyaluronic acid creates a physical barrier that coats the mucosa to encapsulate and isolate the virus from entering the oral and nasopharyngeal cavities as well as delivers Flavobac™ to the main sites of exposure to the virus and its reproduction. Flavobac™ then destroys the virus envelope, deactivating and killing the virus which results in neutralizing its ability to infect cells.

The efficacy of the OSI products is combined with an excellent safety profile, Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) designated in the US market. These products are designed to be used prior to exposure to higher risk activities causing COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases (shopping, workplaces, or transit) or to reduce symptoms after exposure.

Flavobac Health Guard Complete™ has been approved by the US FDA for oral care, Cold and Flu Guard™ in the European Union as a medical device, Cold and Flu Guard GOLD™ in Canada as a natural health product. Losenge and other formulations are under investigation. They are now marketed in the UK and Canada. Additional clinical and non-clinical studies are ongoing or planned to be conducted to further substantiate or expand its clinical utility and benefits. OSI has engaged The Harel Group, a business development advisory firm, founded and led by Jacob Harel, to support its global geographical expansion. By entering this collaboration, OSI will leverage The Harel Group’s expansive global network of hundreds of life science companies in the US, Europe, Japan, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

“OSI is an outstanding company that offers additional protective tool to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. We also believe that Cold & Flu Guard™ will be a great health guard against colds and flu in the years to come,” stated Jacob Harel, President of The Harel Group. “We look forward to collaborating with OSI as it takes the next step towards global commercialization.”

“We are pleased to be working with The Harel Group to support our business growth,” said Christian. “They are highly experienced professionals in the life science industry, and have unique international and commercial expertise, which will serve our business purpose well.”


About Oral Science International
OSI is a Canadian company dedicated to oral health offering products and solutions to health professionals based on the most current evidence– based literature, research data, experience, guidelines and expert opinion. The fundamental principles drive OSI to bring the novelty of Cold & Flu Guard™ to effectively and safely protect against the symptoms of COVID-19, colds and flu. For more information, please visit:

About The Harel Group
The Harel Group is a business development advisory firm with in-depth industry knowledge and wide network of contacts in the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices and diagnostics industries. The main focus of the company is the identification and facilitation of business opportunities by connecting innovative life science companies with leading local and regional healthcare companies in international markets. The Harel Group offices are located in New Jersey, Florida, Israel, and Denmark and it has collaborating agencies in every continent. For more information, please visit:

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